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What’s an e-portfolio?
An e-portfolio (or electronic portfolio) is a collection of digital artefacts (or resources if you prefer) which you have selected in order to demonstrate your learning. You might have made a video for a course, written a blog-post, produced an infographic or made an audio recording of an interview.
But e-portfolios are more than just a repository of resources. You should also explain clearly why you are choosing to showcase a particular project or artefact and which skills or competencies you have developed in producing it.
For example:

“I contributed to the making of this video as part of the group work for my physics course. During this work I developed a number of soft skills, such as teamwork and creativity - I was in charge of writing the scenario (the creative part) and had to make sure everyone in the project understood, especially the students in the roles of film director and actors. So I not only developed teamwork skills, but also negotiation when it came to defending my ideas!”

Think of it as an “education passport,” which helps you to represent your learning and carry it with you as you move from place to place (university to the workplace, back to studying, or from one job to another).

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Examples of e-porfolios

Karuta: http://karutaproject.org/



Mahara: https://mahara.org/

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myshowcase.me: https://www.myshowcase.me/


Finally, e-portfolios take on even more value when you associate them with badges that you have earned for your work - see the section on recognition of achievement for more details or go straight to the eLene4work Personal Journal.