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Ethical leadership: Character, Civilty, and community


The course participants will engage with the course in a number of ways including the development of an Ethical Leadership Toolkit (ELT). The ELT is an instrument for leaders who engage the complex ethical questions in public space and includes the following: Ethical Leadership Model; Ethical Decision-Making Model; Ways of Doing Ethics; Remembering, Retelling and Reliving Stories; and Looking, Listening and Learning. Participants will be invited to develop their own Ethical Leadership Toolkit through video exercises led by Professor Fluker, survey questions, discussion forums, journaling and assessments.



Learning outcomes

  • Ethical leadership principles and practices utilizing the Ethical Leadership Model™.
  • Narrative and dramaturgical methods in the development of character, civility and community as ethical leadership practices.
  • A conceptual model for negotiating ethical decision-making at the intersection of life-worlds and system worlds.
  • Various theories and methods of ethical analysis in leadership practices.
  • Personal core values that present themselves in “defining moments that ask leaders to choose between competing values and ideals in which we intensely believe."
  • An Ethical Toolkit for Leaders that can be applied in each student’s leadership context as a life-long practice.

Teaching-Learning methodology




  • Soft skills Leadership
  • Language English
  • Other languages (eg. Subtitles) Unknown
  • Period of activation Periodicaly opened
  • Date Unknown
  • Duration Unknown  
  • Level of commitment required 3-4 hours per week
  • Cost Free MOOC, Paying certification * See platform for details
  • Providing institution Boston University
  • Mooc Platform edX
  • Target group Unknown
  • Instructor Walter Earl Fluker, Robin Masi
  • Level of assistance offered Unknown
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