Last updated : 01 Jan 1970

The Art of Negotiating the Best Deal


Presented by a master negotiator, these lessons teach you how to approach all phases of a negotiation and deal with a wide range of problems. We'll show you how to negotiate effectively in both competitive and collaborative situations. You will learn the art of handling sharp tactics, haggling, psychological traps, and other challenges, while always being "hard on the problem and soft on the person" - which is the key to achieving a mutually beneficial outcome.



Learning outcomes

- Learn the advantages and shortcomings of competitive bargaining. - Discover how to keep the peace at the negotiating table and find win-win situations using Interest-Based bargaining. - Utilize strategies such as the Midpoint Strategy, the Independent Criteria Strategy, and the Soft Offer Strategy. - Master key concepts including Lowballing, Anchoring, and Escalation Psychology. - Find ways to use negotiation strategies in your everyday life.

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