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Work Smarter, Not Harder: Time Management for Personal & Professional Productivity


You will be able to gain and apply your knowledge and understanding of personal and professional awareness, organization and commitment, and use the tools, methods and techniques that you have learned in goal setting, prioritization, scheduling, and delegation to overcome time management challenges and enhance productivity.


This course is part 2 of 10 in the Career Success Specialization.

Course schedule:

week 1:

Course Overview

Smart Work Habits Just Don't Happen

Review (quiz)

week 2:

Time Is the Most Limited Resource

Review (quiz)

week 3:

Little Tips That Make a Big Impact

Review (quiz)

week 4:

Let's Bring It All Together

Review (quiz, wrap-up and end)

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Learn to plan effectively to achieve your personal and professional goals
  • Learn to recognize and overcome barriers to successful time management
  • Identify specific time management tools and use them effectively
  • Manage resources both effectively and efficiently
  • Keep your sense of perspective to prevent and manage crises
  • Learn to delegate effectively
  • Learn to manage expectations and say “No” when appropriate

Teaching-Learning methodology

xMooc: Basic form of teaching is video leading by tutor (in each modul/week) as well as quizzes (first quiz is available due 12 days from enrolling). In each modul you can find also additional material (external: websites, templates, and other videos) and lesson in a slide format.


Certificates: printable, digitally shareable, and will empower you with a verified document in-hand.Quizzes: after each week of material, with single answer questions. Need 4 passed quizzes (at least 80% in each) to pass whole course (in the payable option). Each quiz can be multiple undertaken, but only 1 attempt every 8 hours.

  • Soft skills Adaptability and Flexibility
  • Language English
  • Other languages (eg. Subtitles) subtitles: Ukrainian, Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese (Brazilian), Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Korean, Russian, Spanish
  • Period of activation Periodicaly opened  
  • Date Aucune information
  • Duration 4 weeks  
  • Level of commitment required total: 4-8 hours of videos, readings, and quizzes
  • Cost MOOC Gratuit, Certification payante * Détails sur la plateforme
  • Providing institution University of California, Irvine Extension
  • Mooc Platform Coursera
  • Target group wide range of audiences
  • Instructor Margaret Meloni
  • Level of assistance offered There is no group discussion and no instructor`s contact.
  • Keywords Adaptability and flexibility, time management, goal setting, productivity, unproductivity