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Become a SpeedDemon: Productivity Tricks to Have More Time


This course will teach you the most cutting-edge tips and tricks for productivity, automation, and efficiency, so that you can do more work in less time and have more time for the things that matter in life.



Section 1: Introductions & Foundations

Lecture 1: About your instructo How this course came to be 

Lecture 2: Course structure & how to succeed 

Lecture 3: Why do things quicker? 

Lecture 4: Where most people spend (or waste) their time 

Lecture 5: Course Syllabus - Download it Now! 

Quiz 1: Are we on the same page & ready to learn together?

Section 2: General Principles & Theories for Hacking Your Productivity

Quiz 2: Pre-Quiz: Let's see what we already know? 

Lecture 6: The power of preparation 

Lecture 7: Having clear priorities & goals - and making them "SMART" 

Lecture 8: Organizing priorities with the Priority Star Exercise 

Lecture 9: Setting deadlines - and making them real 

Lecture 10: The Pareto Principle: our secret to being effective 

Lecture 11: The "Bad" kind of multitasking, avoiding distractions, and meditation 

Lecture 12: Batching similar tasks 

Lecture 13: The "Good" kind of multitasking & the Buddhist wheel of life 

Lecture 14: Planning for structured rest periods 

Lecture 15: Using small chunks of wasted time effectively 

Lecture 16: A brief note on "Flow" and focus 

Quiz 3: How well do we understand the theories & foundations? 

Section 3: Speeding Up & Automating Computer Work

Quiz 4: Pre Quiz: How productive are you at the computer? 

Lecture 17: Just how much time are you wasting on your computer? 

Lecture 18: Automating meeting scheduling 

Lecture 19: Text expansion - stop typing the same things over and over 

Lecture 20: Speaking is faster than typing - and clicking 

Lecture 21: Using custom gestures to speed up common tasks 

Lecture 22: Launchers: act without doing 

Lecture 23: Wasting less time reading & sorting through email 

Lecture 24: Automating simple, repetitive tasks effectively across the web 

Lecture 25: Watching lectures, videos, and podcasts faster 

Quiz 5: What did we learn from the computer tips and tricks section? 

Section 4: Speeding Up Health & Fitness

Quiz 6: Pre-quiz: Health and Fitness Section 

Lecture 26: Getting fit in fewer hours 

Lecture 27: Spend less time cooking 

Lecture 28: Sleeping less and feeling better 

Quiz 7: How well do we understand the health and fitness tips? 

Section 5: Automating your finances

Quiz 8: Pre-Quiz: How effectively are we monitoring our finances? 

Lecture 29: Monitoring your finances automatically 

Lecture 30: Paying bills automatically 

Quiz 9: What did we learn about monitoring our finances?

Section 6: Delegation, Communication, & Saying No

Quiz 10: Pre-quiz: What is your starting point when it comes to Delegation and Saying No 

Lecture 31: Some things just aren't worth your time 

Lecture 32: Thoughts & tips on "outsourcing" 

Lecture 33: Speeding up decisions 

Lecture 34: Speeding up communication 

Quiz 11: What did we learn about Delegation, Communication, and Saying No 

Section 7: Conclusion

Lecture 35: Bonus: Upgrade to the MasterClass to Continue Your Journey!

Lecture 36: Bonus Course: Become a SuperLearner to learn, read, and memorize faster 

Lecture 37: What we've learned, conclusion, and congratulations 

Learning outcomes

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Harness the preeminent theories of productivity and time management to squeeze more time out of the day
  • Use cutting-edge hacks, tips, and tricks to improve computer productivity work
  • Identify time-wasters and zap them before they drain the day away
  • Cut out the bad habits that cost hours in the day for no reason
  • Make more time for the things that matter in life

Teaching-Learning methodology

Video lectures combined with pre-quizzes and regular quizzes.


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  • Soft skills Adaptability and Flexibility, Self evaluation, Learning to learn
  • Language English
  • Other languages (eg. Subtitles) Aucune information
  • Period of activation Aucune information
  • Date Aucune information
  • Duration Self-paced on-demand course (2,5 hours of basic content).
  • Level of commitment required Aucune information
  • Cost Payant * Détails sur la plateforme
  • Providing institution [individual instructor]
  • Mooc Platform Udemy
  • Target group Students who feel they need an extra hour in the day.Students who feel that certain activities such as computer work, cooking, or communications take longer than necessary.Students who wish to learn about the important theories of productivity, but don't have time to read 10 books about it!
  • Instructor Jonathan Levi
  • Level of assistance offered Aucune information
  • Keywords Adaptability and flexibility, self-evaluation, learning to learn, productivity, life hacking, communication, It basic knowledge, it security