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Master Time Management in 2 Hours with the TIMEJAR Effect


In this course, Kelly Johns will take you on a journey to getting more done in less time while balancing your personal and professional life. You'll feel good about what you're doing, as well as what you're not doing.

Kelly Johns developed this method in 2003 and has used it to create and manage several online businesses. He used it to publish four bestselling novels in less than two years, create a music label, manage teams of employees and outsourcers, and to create dozens of successful iPhone and Android applications.


Section 1: How the TIMEJAR Effect helped me accomplish the impossible

Lecture 1: Welcome to the TIMEJAR Effect Community

Lecture 2: Let's start the journey toward helping you do what matters most! 

Lecture 3: Tips on how to get the most out of this course.

Section 2: Step One: The Complete Guide to Clearing Your Mind

Lecture 4: Overcome Stress With A Clear Mind

Lecture 5: The Mind Dump: Instantly Reduce Stress & Feel Better 

Lecture 6: Step-by-step: Your Own Mind Dump

Lecture 7: How I Do The Mind Dump

Lecture 8: How To Never Lose Another Idea Again

Lecture 9: This Simple Step Will Improve Productivity Immediately

Lecture 10: How I Use Siri & Other Tools To Clear My Mind

Lecture 11: Recap: How To Get To A Clear Mind

Quiz 1: Clear Your Mind Quiz 

Lecture 12: Clear Your Mind Summary PDF

Section 3: Step Two: Prioritize with "The Sort"

Lecture 13: How To Procrastinate & Feel Good About It 

Lecture 14: Two or more related tasks? Learn the power of the Project

Lecture 15: How I Delegate To Maintain Momentum & Keep My Sanity

Lecture 16: This Simple Calendar Technique Will Help You Reach Your Goals

Lecture 17: There's Always Enough Time for the Important If You Do This...

Quiz 2: The Sort Quiz 

Lecture 18: "The Sort" Summary PDF

Section 4: Step Three: The Review

Lecture 19: This Simple Routine Will Explode Your Productivity

Quiz 3: The Review Quiz 

Lecture 20: The Review Summary PDF

Section 5: The Importance of Momentum

Lecture 21: How To Power Through Your Tasks & Projects

Lecture 22: Newton's First Law for Getting Things Done

Lecture 23: Newton's Second Law for Getting Things Done

Lecture 24: Newton's Third Law for Getting Things Done

Lecture 25: When Stress & Pressure Appear, Do This...

Lecture 26: How To Create Momentum With Your Emails

Lecture 27: Easy Trick To Clear Your Inbox

Lecture 28: How Snoozing Emails Reinforces Newton's Third Law

Lecture 29: How To Recover After Being Derailed

Lecture 30: Momentum Inbox Summary

Lecture 31: Why 25-minute Pomodoros Work

Lecture 32: Recap: Momentum is EVERYTHING

Quiz 4: Momentum Quiz 

Lecture 33: Momentum Summary PDF

Section 6: Eat That Frog -- How to get important things done

Lecture 34: Develop a natural addition to endorphins

Lecture 35: Mark Twain On Getting Things Done

Lecture 36: The Key To Success

Lecture 37: How a Navy SEAL used Micro Goals to get through BUD/S

Lecture 38: Progress = Happiness

Section 7: Learn From The Genius Behind Google's New "Inbox"

Lecture 39: Learn From Google Engineers About Productivity & Time Management

Lecture 40: Bundles: Limit Distractions & Maintain Focus

Lecture 41: Advanced Bundle Customization

Lecture 42: Build Your Own Bundles & Manage What You See

Lecture 43: Inbox Reminders

Lecture 44: Pinning Important Emails

Lecture 45: How Google Inbox Gives You Control Over Your Emails

Lecture 46: My Email Inbox Workflow/Strategy PDF

Section 8: Tools I Use to Save Time & Manage My Digital Life

Lecture 47: TOOLS UPDATED INFO 1-16-16

Lecture 48: Tools I Use Intro

Lecture 49: The Free Phone Number that EVERYONE Needs

Lecture 50: How To Get Up To Speed On Any Subject Fast

Lecture 51: Create an Online Family Room

Lecture 52: My Favorite iOS Calendar App

Lecture 53: Manage Your Files For Quick Access & Data Recovery

Lecture 54: A Password System Saves Time

Lecture 55: Easy Time Tracking

Lecture 56: Feedly

Lecture 57: Use This To Get Smarter In Your Spare Time

Lecture 58: iftt

Lecture 59: The New "Workflow" App for iOS

Lecture 60: $5 Outsourcing Sites

Lecture 61: Forget Microsoft Office--Free Docs Work Better (in some cases)

Lecture 62: Easily Share Your Screen With Others

Lecture 63: Best Way to Share Screenshots

Lecture 64: Mark Up Photos On Your Mobile Device & Share

Lecture 65: My Favorite Browser & Why

Lecture 66: Manage all of those photos on your phone!

Section 9: My Simple Strategy For Managing Employees and Outsourcers

Lecture 67: Introduction to Managing Employees

Lecture 68: Setting Up Your Project The Right Way

Lecture 69: How To Manage Shared Tasks

Lecture 70: Managing Shared Projects

Lecture 71: How Documenting and Journaling Will Save Time & Money

Lecture 72: Recap: Successful Outsourcing

Section 10: The new TIMEJAR

Lecture 73: Why I Built TIMEJAR

Lecture 74: Everything on ONE Page

Lecture 75: My Workflow

Lecture 76: The Power of Unlimited Jars

Lecture 77: Why Easy Sharing is a MUST!

Lecture 78: Archive & Find It Later

Lecture 79: The Power of a Simple Project

Section 11: How I Wrote Four Novels In Less Than Two Years

Lecture 80: The productivity strategies I used to write my novels FAST!

Lecture 81: This Research Tool is a MUST!

Lecture 82: "The Sort" In Action

Lecture 83: The Review

Lecture 84: The Secret to Setting Your Deadline

Lecture 85: A Great Way To Outline

Lecture 86: Efficient Way of Forming Chapters

Lecture 87: Writing Hacks

Lecture 88: Secret to the First Draft

Lecture 89: My actual time-tracking log from my latest novel

Lecture 90: What To Do In The "Shadow of the Valleys"

Lecture 91: How to Increase Your Energy

Lecture 92: How Journaling Can Help

Lecture 93: Formatting for Print

Lecture 94: Editing

Lecture 95: Summary

Lecture 96: How I wrote 4 novels WRITTEN SUMMARY

Section 12: My Typical Day: A Walkthrough

Lecture 97: How I Use This System Daily

Lecture 98: Start With Foundational Routines

Lecture 99: The Daily Game Plan

Lecture 100: How I Build Momentum

Lecture 101: How I Get Important Things Done Early

Lecture 102: How To Get Back On Track After Being Derailed

Lecture 103: Check Your System--Not Your Emails

Lecture 104: What To Do When You Get Stuck

Lecture 105: Batching

Lecture 106: Remember your ABC's: Always Be Capturing

Lecture 107: The Power of One Page

Lecture 108: The Importance of Gratitude

Lecture 109: Taking Breaks

Lecture 110: Recap: My New Schedule

Lecture 111: My Workspace

Section 13: Conclusion

Lecture 112: You Made It!

Lecture 113: BONUS: Get 90% off "Turn your iPhone into a Positive Income Stream"

Section 14: NEW Bonus Content!

Lecture 114: How I use The Ziegarnik Effect 1-20-16

Learning outcomes

At the end of this course (and even after a few lectures) you will experience less stress while getting more done--which is what we call the TIMEJAR Effect. You will feel less overwhelmed, and you'll be equipped with an easy to use system that you can implement in your daily routine.

  • Learn 3 simple steps to revolutionizing your productivity.
  • How to create momentum in any situation.
  • Learn productivity secrets from Google as we break down Google Inbox.
  • See the online tools I use to get things done.
  • How to easily manage employees and outsourcers to create profitable products.
  • How this method was used to publish four bestselling novels in less than two years.
  • See Kelly's typical day and the hacks he uses to stay productive.
  • Get advice from Kelly Johns through the Udemy discussion group.

Teaching-Learning methodology

Combination of video lectures, quizzes and summary readings.


Not specified.

  • Soft skills Self evaluation, Learning to learn
  • Language English
  • Other languages (eg. Subtitles) No other languages
  • Period of activation Autre
  • Date Aucune information
  • Duration Self-paced on-demand course (7 hours of basic content).
  • Level of commitment required Not specified.
  • Cost Payant * Détails sur la plateforme
  • Providing institution Individual instructor
  • Mooc Platform Udemy
  • Target group Anyone who wants to become more productive.
  • Instructor Kelly Johns
  • Level of assistance offered Not specified (discussion group with participation of instructor).
  • Keywords Self evaluation, learning to learn, creatively using digital technologies, productivity, time management, goals setting, gtd