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Recht der digitalen Medien


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  • Modules’ titles and contents (German):

1. Einführungsveranstaltung

2. Urheberrecht

3. Filmrecht

4. Presse- und Persönlichkeitsrecht

5. Rundfunkrecht / Rundfunkregulierung

6. Internetrecht / Grundlagen des E- und M-Commerce

7. Domainrecht

8. Softwarerecht

9. IT-Vertragsrecht

10. Datenschutzrecht

11. Immaterialgüterrecht

12. Kennzeichenrecht / Markenrecht

13. Wettbewerbsrecht und Medien

  • Name of the teache Prof. Dr. Iris Kirchner-Freis (professor at University of Bremen); background information is available on the course site.
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Learning outcomes

Students learn all kind of aspects regarding digital media and la copyright law, press law, personal rights, data privacy law, law about broadcasting media, internet law, IT contract law and the law on competition.

Teaching-Learning methodology

SPOC (based on xMOOC concept)


Is there a final certification? Yes. Released by University of Bremen.Learning outcomes are evaluated by e-examinationsWhen: monthly exams, students can choose date

  • Soft skills Content creation
  • Language German
  • Other languages (eg. Subtitles) Aucune information
  • Period of activation Aucune information
  • Date Aucune information
  • Duration Flexible. Student choose time period. (Self-Paced)
  • Level of commitment required 90 hours workload to get 3 Credits (ETCS) after final exam in Testcenter. Student chooses time period (Self-Paced).
  • Cost Gratuit * Détails sur la plateforme
  • Providing institution University of Bremen, Germany
  • Mooc Platform

    University of Bremen, Germany,

    eGeneral Studies (

  • Target group Students at Bremen University
  • Instructor Aucune information
  • Level of assistance offered Availability of teachersSupport only for organizational issues, No direct contact to teachers.How to contact themLearning Management system (Stud.IP)ForumWikiDiscussion groupsLearning materials for download
  • Keywords Digital soft skills, Digital content creation, Law, Digital media