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Negotiations and conflict management


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  • Modules’ titles and Contents:

Unit 1: What Is Negotiation?

Unit 2: Negotiation Strategies and Biases

Unit 3: Processes and Phases of Negotiation

Unit 4: Managing Different Types of Business Negotiation

Unit 5: Conflict Resolution

Unit 6: International and Cross Cultural Negotiation

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Learning outcomes

  • Declared aims of the MOOC

„Detailed survey of business negotiation skills and strategies designed to help maintain healthy business relationships. Examines the concepts, processes, strategies, and ethical issues related to negotiation, and appropriate conduct in a variety of business contexts.“

  • identify and explain the theory, processes, and practices of negotiation, conflict resolution, and relationship management;
  • identify and explain the principles, strategies, and tactics of effective negotiation and professional relationship management;
  • identify and assess the variables in negotiations;
  • develop reliable planning techniques;
  • identify and describe negotiation theories, concepts and tactics to manage negotiations as well as professional relationships;
  • assess the importance of various factors that impact negotiations, including specific issues in question, different stakeholder positions, interests, relationships, and group dynamics;
  • develop and execute effective negotiation strategies and tactics for different scenarios;
  • identify and employ effective communication, problem-solving, and influence techniques appropriate to a given situation;
  • diagnose negotiation problems;
  • describe new negotiation ideas and practices;
  • explain how culture impacts negotiations;
  • identify characteristics of culture or national identity that negotiators should become familiar with prior to engaging in cross-cultural or international negotiations;
  • explain how Trompenaars' and Hofstede's theories of cultural dimensions can be applied to cross-cultural and international negotiations; and
  • describe the types of political and legal issues that might arise during the course of international negotiations.

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  • List of Soft skills developed: Negotiation; Conflict management
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Teaching-Learning methodology

xMOOC (videos, further readings, assessments, quizzes, transcripts, forum)


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  • Soft skills Negotiation, Conflict management
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  • Keywords Usa, Negotiation, Conflict management