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Principles of human communication


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Career' title='Course 1: Strategic Career Self-Management :">Career' >">Career Brand Management Specialization


Week 1: Getting Started

  • Specialization at a Glance
  • Career Development Lab (CDL)
  • About this course
  • Week 2: Understanding careers and career skills
  • Career skills: definitions and tools
  • Review
  • Career Development Lab
  • Quiz: What have we learned in Week 2?
  • Week 3: Crafting career self-strategy
  • From self-awareness to future work self
  • Review
  • Career Development Lab
  • Peer review assignment - Part 1
  • Quiz: What have we learned in Week 3?
  • Assignment: Making sense of career fitness activities. Part 1
  • Week 4: How to be competitive on the job market
  • Understanding competitive job selection
  • Review
  • Career Development Lab
  • Quiz: What have we learned in Week 4?
  • Week 5: Putting career self-management to work
  • Addressing competency requirements
  • Review
  • Career Development Lab
  • Peer review assignment - Part 2
  • Quiz: What have we learned in Week 5?
  • Assignment: Making sense of career fitness activities. Part 2
  • Week 6: Course review
  • Course review
  • Quiz: What have we learned in the course?
  • Learning outcomes

    By the end of this course you will be able to:

    • explain why developing a protean and boundaryless career perspective based on transferable (portable) skills is advantageous for continuing employability and career growth;
    • design your portable skills portfolio, identify and examine critically important competencies underpinning your transferable skills, and analyze your career self-management competency gaps;
    • increase self-awareness, pinpoint your career goals, and envision your future work self;
    • recognize the central role of self-management for developing transferable, marketable, skills and create a customized self-management information system (Career Development Lab) for ongoing personal development and professional growth;
    • conduct a thorough, competency-based job analysis in your area of interest and examine practices of evidence-based, data-driven competitive employee selection;
    • implement your newly developed skills for crafting effective selection criteria statements and refining your job applications.
    • Teaching-Learning methodology

      This course is divided into 6 weeks. The word "week" in the module titles is only a suggestion of how we think you should progress throughout the course. Week 1 is an introductory week. Weeks 2 - 5 contain these items:

      • Lectures (video and pdf format)
      • Readings
      • Exercises
      • Interviews with an expert
      • Practice quizzes
      • Quizzes
      • Career Development Lab workout (We think of the Career Development Lab (CDL) as a training facility and a decision-support system for your ongoing professional growth. The lab will help you systematically collect and analyze job related data, develop required competencies and skills, and engage in career-branding activities. In each CDL, you will find some workouts, which are templates that we will ask you to complete. We designed the workouts to be beneficial to your career branding process, but you will also use them in Peer Review Assignments in this course)
      • Peer review assignments
      • Assessment

        Pass all graded assignments to complete the course: quizzes and peer-reviewed assignments (triple reviewed).

        The grade distribution is as follows:

        Quizzes (four weekly quizzes at 10% each + final quiz at 20%) – 60% of the grade60%

        Peer review assignments (two assignments, 20% each) – 40 % of the grade40%

  • Soft skills Self evaluation, Conflict management, Travail d'équipe
  • Language English
  • Other languages (eg. Subtitles) Aucune information
  • Period of activation Aucune information
  • Date Aucune information
  • Duration 6 weeks of study
  • Level of commitment required The "average" student will take 135 hours to complete this course.
  • Cost MOOC Gratuit, Certification payante * Détails sur la plateforme
  • Providing institution The State University of New York
  • Mooc Platform Coursera
  • Target group Aucune information
  • Instructor Valeri Chukhlomin, Michele Forte, Kymn Harvin Rutigliano, John M. Beckem II, Tonka Jokelova, Amy Giaculli.
  • Level of assistance offered Forums (general as well as according to modules).No e-mails contact with instructors.
  • Keywords Flexibility, self-evaluation, problem solving, self-management, Communication, Conflict management, Teamwork