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Business communications


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Unit 1: Understanding Communication

Unit 2: Knowing Your Customers

Unit 3: Listening to Your Customers

Unit 4: Providing Information for Customers

Unit 5: Speaking to Customers

Unit 6: Creating a Visual Impression

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Learning outcomes

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„This course is designed to help you learn how to plan, produce, and perform acts of communication that satisfy the most demanding audience: your customers.“

  • recognize the types of communication that impact customer service;
  • differentiate between customer types and needs by applying marketing segmentation techniques;
  • simplify information using a variety of communication formats;
  • use memory aids to help you retain, recall, and present information;
  • write and speak using effective introductions, conclusions, and easy-to-follow organizational patterns;
  • apply active listening habits to respond effectively to face-to-face and telephone exchanges; and
  • create positive visual impressions in personal presentation and product displays.

Full Syllabus online:

  • List of Soft skills developed: Communication
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Teaching-Learning methodology

xMOOC (videos, further readings, assessments, quizzes, transcripts, forum)


Is there a final certification? free certificates of completion (no credit)Learning outcomes:By exam at any time2 hours to complete the testTypically 50 questions (multiple choice) per examPassing score is 70%Unlimited attemptsWhen: at the end of a course

  • Soft skills Communication
  • Language English
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  • Duration Self paced
  • Level of commitment required The "average" student will take 41.5 hours to complete this course.
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  • Providing institution Saylor Academy
  • Mooc Platform http://www.saylor.orgSaylor Academy ( )
  • Target group College students, open for all persons
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  • Keywords Usa, Communication, Business