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Resume writing


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Unit 1: An Introduction to the Resume

Unit 2: The Key Components of a Resume and Cover Letter

Unit 3: Bolstering Your Resume and Cover Letter

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  • Mary Matera
  • Professor Abby Sharp (Professor Abby Sharp works in the Mathematics and Statistics Department at Wright State University)

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Learning outcomes

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„This course will help you effectively develop employment application materials for today’s job market by honing your resume writing skills, providing you with tools to create an impressive resume (or to improve the one you already have), and giving suggestions on developing an effective cover letter.“

  • describe the main function of a professional resume;
  • identify the components of a professional resume;
  • describe best-practice techniques for creating a professional resume;
  • explain how to draft and produce a professional resume for both print and virtual distribution (through email);
  • describe the main function of a cover letter;
  • explain how to develop an effective cover letter to accompany a resume;
  • identify effective language and keywords to use in a professional resume or cover letter, and describe template designs that will enhance and polish a resume and cover letter; and
  • explain how to tailor a resume and cover letter for a specific job.

Full Syllabus online:

  • List of Soft skills developed: Communication
  • List of digital skills developed:

Teaching-Learning methodology

xMOOC (videos, further readings, assessments, quizzes, transcripts, forum)


Is there a final certification? free certificates of completion (no credit)Learning outcomes:By exam at any time2 hours to complete the testTypically 50 questions (multiple choice) per examPassing score is 70%Unlimited attemptsWhen: at the end of a course

  • Soft skills Communication
  • Language English
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  • Duration Self paced
  • Level of commitment required The "average" student will take 3 hours to complete this course.
  • Cost Gratuit * Détails sur la plateforme
  • Providing institution Saylor Academy
  • Mooc Platform http://www.saylor.orgSaylor Academy ( )
  • Target group College students, open for all persons
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  • Keywords Usa, Communication, Writing