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Professional etiquette


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Unit 1: Workplace Courtesy

Unit 2: Workplace Communication

Unit 3: Diversity in the Workplace

  • Name of the teache Professor Abby Sharp (Professor Abby Sharp works in the Mathematics and Statistics Department at Wright State University.)

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Learning outcomes

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„The professional world can be full of challenging situations, including conflicting personalities, miscommunication, and cultural differences. In this course, you will learn about typical workplace etiquette protocols, communication standards, and cultural awareness strategies in order to navigate these common obstacles as smoothly as possible.“

  • summarize the principles of proper courtesy as they are practiced in the workplace;
  • describe ways to apply proper courtesy in different professional situations;
  • identify and describe the qualities of a desirable employee from an employer's perspective;
  • distinguish among and describe the three common forms of workplace communication and how each may be used to handle a variety of situations;
  • discuss the effects that improper communication and poor listening may have on the work environment;
  • identify examples of the proper and improper use of technology in the workplace;
  • evaluate how technology affects communication in the workplace;
  • define the phrase diversity in the workplace;
  • explain how cultural diversity affects the workplace; and
  • identify common cultural differences, taboos, and customs that may be practiced in the workplace, and discuss ways to navigate and honor such differences.

Full Syllabus online:

  • List of Soft skills developed: Communication; conflict management
  • List of digital skills developed:

Teaching-Learning methodology

xMOOC (videos, further readings, assessments, quizzes, transcripts, forum)


Is there a final certification? free certificates of completion (no credit)Learning outcomes:By exam at any time2 hours to complete the testTypically 50 questions (multiple choice) per examPassing score is 70%Unlimited attemptsWhen: at the end of a course

  • Soft skills Communication, Conflict management
  • Language English
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  • Duration Self paced
  • Level of commitment required The "average" student will take 3.75 hours to complete this course.
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  • Providing institution Saylor Academy
  • Mooc Platform http://www.saylor.orgSaylor Academy ( )
  • Target group College students, open for all persons
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  • Keywords Usa, Communication, Conflict management