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Mein digitales Ich


This four-week online course shows you how to customize your online identity and use it your personal goals.


Specify if the MOOC is part of a group of courses (e.g. XSeries in edX) No Modules’ titles and Contents: 1. mein digitales ICH im Netz - Selbstdarstellung und Profile(my digital self in the net - self-expression and profiles)2. mein digitales ICH und die Anderen - Kontakte und Communities(my digital self and the others - contacts and communities)3. mein digitales ICH und die Gesellschaft - Stress durch Soziale Netzwerke(my digital self and the society - stress through social networks)4. mein digitales ICH und die Maschinen - Was machen Maschinen aus meinen Spuren(my digital self and machines - what do machines do with my traces) Name of the teachers and synthetic profile 1. Joachim Sucker (Hamburger Volkshochschule)2. Nina Oberlaender (Bremer Volkshochschule) Would you suggest following the entire MOOC or just some modules? Which ones? The entire course

Learning outcomes

Declared aims of the MOOC: 1. Manage and create your online identity2. Use your online identity to reach work and private goals3. Differentiate between work and private online identity4. Knowledge of legal issues in social networks List of digital skills developed: i) Managing one’s digital identity and reputationii) Creating and managing networks (social networking)

Teaching-Learning methodology

xMOOCVideos, Quizzes (based on Capira Socrates), Text


Is there a final certification? No final certificationHow the learning outcomes are evaluated? Additional meetings in groups for face-to-face discussion in the past.When: At the end.

  • Soft skills (Digital) Communication, Leadership
  • Language German
  • Other languages (eg. Subtitles) Aucune information
  • Period of activation Aucune information
  • Date Aucune information
  • Duration 4 weeks
  • Level of commitment required 2 hours workload a week
  • Cost Gratuit * Détails sur la plateforme
  • Providing institution Fachhochschule LübeckVolkshochschule HamburgVolkshochschule Bremen
  • Mooc Platform Mooin (
  • Target group Open for all persons
  • Instructor Aucune information
  • Level of assistance offered How to contact themAssistance / mentoring currently not available.Forum / discussion groups
  • Keywords Social networks, online reputation, digital communication