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Negotiation Skills: How To Be An Excellent Negotiator


The Negotiation Skills: How To Be An Excellent Negotiator Udemy training will give you a sense of how to analyse your opponent and have the confidence to not settle for less than they feel is fair. You will learn that mutual respect and a win-win approach is key for reaching the best outcomes.

Through this course you will discover the various types of negotiations, the stages of negotiations, and the skills required for effective negotiating.


Section 1: First Things First

  1. Getting Started
  2. Pre-Assignment

Section 2: Step By Step Blueprint

  1.  Understanding Negotiation
  2.  Case Study Module 2
  3.  Getting Prepared
  4.  Case Study Module 3
  5. Laying the Ground work
  6. Case Study Module 4
  7. Phase One: Exchanging Information
  8. Case Study Module 5
  9. Phase 2: Bargaining
  10. Case Study Module 6
  11. About Gain
  12. Case Study Module 7
  13. Phase 3: Closing
  14. Case Study Module 8
  15. Dealing with Difficult Issues
  16. Case Study Module 9
  17. Negotiating Outside the Boardroom
  18. Case Study Module 10
  19. Negotiating On Behalf of Someone Else
  20. Case Study Module 11
  21. Q&A Revision
  22. Recommended Reading
  23. Closing

Learning outcomes

  • Learn the basic types of negotiations, the stages of negotiations, and the skills necessary for successful negotiating
  • Discover and implement proven negotiating concepts: WATNA, BATNA, WAP, and ZOPA
  • Set the ground-work for effective negotiation
  • Know what information to share and what to hold on to
  • Discover simple but effective bargaining tactics
  • Learn techniques for identifying mutual gain
  • Learn how to achieve consensus and determine the terms of agreement
  • Deal with difficult situations and personal attacks
  • Benefit from the negotiating process to resolve daily problems
  • Be able to easily Negotiate on behalf of others

Teaching-Learning methodology

Course based on transmission of contents through video, documents (recommended articles): 25 lectures and 3 hours of video content


Completing a pre-assignment at the beginning of the course.

  • Soft skills Negotiation
  • Language English
  • Other languages (eg. Subtitles) No other languages
  • Period of activation Self-paced
  • Date Aucune information
  • Duration Unspecified
  • Level of commitment required Not specified. 25 lectures
  • Cost Payant * Détails sur la plateforme
  • Providing institution Soft Skills eLearning Consultants, Corporate Training Solutions
  • Mooc Platform Udemy
  • Target group This course is ideal for anyone looking to improve their negotiation skills in order to get positive outcomes in personal and professional settings.
  • Instructor Adam Kharchoufa is a qualified psychologist.
  • Level of assistance offered Availability of instructor
  • Keywords Negotiation skills, types of negotiations, effective bargaining tactics, negotiating concepts (watna, batna, wap, zopa)