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Powerful speaking


Have you ever had the experience that people won't listen to you? Would you like to be one of those people for whom people instinctively fall quiet and really listen, whose words carry real weight and impact? With this course, you can and will be like that!

Making ourselves heard is a challenge simply because most of us have never been trained to speak effectively.

Powerful Speaking is an invaluable set of skills. The human voice is the most powerful sound on this planet; it can make us laugh, cry, inspire us and even change the world. Whether you're teaching your child, closing a prospective client, asking for a raise from your boss or proposing marriage to your partner, what you say and the way you say it will determine the outcome.

Many factors contribute to how effectively you speak. We'll reveal all the secrets of content and delivery in this course – everything from vocabulary to intonation – in order to transform your power so that you will speak confidently, naturally and with conviction. The course concludes with my complete masterclass in public speaking, into which I have distilled all of the lessons, tricks and experiences I've learned as an international keynote and four-time TED speaker. In fact, my TED talk on powerful speaking has over 5 million views on TED's website alone, putting it in the top 50 TED talks of all time.

So join me on this Powerful Speaking course, which will give weight and authority to your words and leave you speaking so that people listen.

Julian Treasure, Inctructor


Recommended Course Schedule

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1. Introduction to Powerful Speaking


Section 2: Vocabulary

Lecture 2. Vocabulary


Section 3: The Four Leeches

Lecture 3. The Four Leeches


Section 4: The Seven Deadly Sins

Lecture 4. The Seven Deadly Sins


Section 5: The foundations of power

Lecture 5. HAIL


Section 6: The vocal toolbox

Lecture 6. The vocal toolbox

Lecture 7. Register

Lecture 8. Timbre

Lecture 9. Prosody

Lecture 10. Pace and pitch

Lecture 11. Space

Lecture 12. Volume


Section 7: Speaking into and from

Lecture 7. Speaking into and from


Section 8: Public speaking

Lecture 14. Commit to give

Lecture 15. Prep, practise and check

Lecture 16. Warmups and stance

Lecture 17. On stage

Lecture 18. Aids and common errors


Section 9: Summary

Lecture 19. Summary


Learning outcomes

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Avoid the vocabulary and the common habits that suck power from your speaking
  • Master the foundations of power in speaking
  • Experiment with the tools in your vocal toolbox: accent, register, timbre, prosody, pace, pitch, space and volume
  • Target your speaking accurately and adapt it to situations and contexts
  • Master public speaking, including practise, preparation, warmup, stance, breathing, awareness and structure

Teaching-Learning methodology

Video lectures


not specified

  • Soft skills Communication, Travail d'équipe, Leadership
  • Language English
  • Other languages (eg. Subtitles) no other languages
  • Period of activation Self-paced
  • Date Aucune information
  • Duration 1,5 hours (19 lectures)
  • Level of commitment required not specified
  • Cost Payant * Détails sur la plateforme
  • Providing institution Individual instructor
  • Mooc Platform Udemy
  • Target group anyone interested
  • Instructor Julian Treasure
  • Level of assistance offered not specified
  • Keywords Communication, leadership, public speaking