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Relaxation Techniques to Release Office Stress


This course is meant for an person, who works in an office, has tension in their upper back or neck, feels tension or pain in the middle back or lumbar area, who gets tired by the evening or has a weak immune system. This course includes techniques for relaxing all the major tension areas.


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Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Activate your energy flow in morning

  • The gentle morning wake up call, an exercise to activate the body
  • An exercise to help you get up fast in the morning
  • Simple greeting of the sun
  • The windmill, to help wake up your body in the morning

Section 3: Activate your energy flow in the evening

  • The best relief for back tension – therapeutic back exercise
  • An exercise to relieve tension in feet and activate the immune system

Section 4: Some evening relaxation techniques

  • The evening exercise for relaxing
  • The best way to release back tension - the goldfish
  • The lower back tension-releasing astronaut exercise
  • The easiest exercise for releasing tension in the lower back

Section 5: Simple relaxation techniques for relieving tensions in the upper back

  • Relieving tension in the upper back – eights to the sides
  • Relieving tension in the upper back and back - shoulder circles
  • Windmill 3 – relieving tension in the upper back
  • Windmill 2- cleansing the lungs

Section 6: Simple relaxation techniques for relieving tensions in the lower back

  • Special rolling
  • Relieving tension in the lower back
  • Relieving tension in the lower back and lessening the stiffness of the lower bac

Section 7: Techniques for a stiff neck

  • Best neck tension releasing technique

Section 8: Techniques for improving blood circulation and relieving pain in hands and feet

  • The best exercise to soothe tension and pain in arms
  • Special arms technigue -releasing tension in the arms and upper back
  • An exercise for improving blood circulation in hands and feet
  • Relieving tension and pain in hands
  • Technique for improving blood circulation in hands and feet
  • An exercise for relieving tension in feet

Section 9: Simple relaxation techniques in the office

  • Relieving tension caused by sitting for long periods of time
  • How to bring more energy into your body - special breathing exercise
  • The most important point for relieving headaches
  • Releasing the tension in the shoulder blade area – swinging bamboo
  • Shoulder circles to relieve upper back tension
  • Effective techniquee for the eyes
  • The best medicine for stress
  • If the body has been affected by the wind
  • Relieving the tension in your eyes in the office

Section 10: Exercises for balancing your body and mind

  • Stopping the thoughts
  • An exercise to relieve depression

Learning outcomes

From this course you will learn simple exercises and techniques that will help you to release your tension so you can enjoy your activities and your life.

  • After this course you get:
  • Better energy circulation
  • Ability to relieve tension areas
  • Stronger immune system

Teaching-Learning methodology

Video lectures and workouts



  • Soft skills Self evaluation
  • Language English
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  • Duration 36 lectures 1,5 h of content
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  • Cost Payant * Détails sur la plateforme
  • Providing institution The University of Queensland, Australia
  • Mooc Platform edX
  • Target group Students, young workers, experienced workers
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  • Level of assistance offered 10 min per day
  • Keywords Stress, tension