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Interpreting and Communicating Data Insights in Business


Data flows everywhere today, but consuming and communicating the essence of these signals is no easy task. Business executives want to hear findings as efficiently as possible. Business managers would like an engaging dialogue with data, but turn data aside if the burden of knowledge is too great. Results really matter. A proven framework and method for interpreting and communicating data insights is necessary when the going gets tough.

In this data analysis and statistics course, you’ll discover effective strategies and tools to master the process of interpreting and then communicating your data analysis and visualization work to business audiences. This course will empower you with proven business analytics methods and boost your confidence for effective communication of insights.


Week 1: Translate Business Needs into Measurements

In data work, it can be hard to know where to start. And in business, this challenge is made more pressing by the fact that data insights aren’t free. Companies invest money in technology, skills and infrastructure to enable access to data so that it drives value for the organization. Here in Module 1, we’ll learn methods that will enable you to find data insights for business with confidence. We begin by tying our data question back to business goals and decisions through the process of translation. We'll then introduce our data sources and describe the three data sets you'll use for your homework assignments

Week 2: Business Analytic Methods

In this module you will learn how to draw insights out of data using both statistics and data visualization methods. We then introduce some common cognitive biases as it relates to analytics, and how create the right artifacts for the right types of insight.

Week 3: Build Compelling Data Presentations

In this module we learn how to take the artifacts and insight techniques and combine them together with strong narrative and methods to allow for optimal communication of insights. We begin by setting up our artifacts in the proper format, learn a new presentation tool, and how to structure storytelling as efficiently as possible.

Week 4: Communicate Insights to the Business

In our final module, we bring together our artifacts and story from the previous modules into the final hurtle of our analytics flow: communicating the results to your stakeholder, client, or boss. We discuss techniques to consider when delivering insights and information, as well as ways to mitigate concerns or criticisms through ownership.

Learning outcomes

What you'll learn

  • Methods for translating business needs into measurements
  • Statistical and visualization methods for creating artifacts to deliver insight
  • Techniques for building compelling data presentations
  • Guidelines for communicating to business stakeholders
  • Improve communication skills

Teaching-Learning methodology

Individual homework


Weekly graded assignments

  • Soft skills Analytical Skills, (Digital) Communication
  • Language English
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  • Period of activation Self-paced
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  • Cost MOOC Gratuit, Certification payante * Détails sur la plateforme
  • Providing institution Microsoft
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