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Learn How to Negotiate to get What You Want


The free online course Introduction to Conflict Management and Negotiation introduces you to the different types of conflict that can occur in your work and personal life, reasons why conflict can arise, and various conflict-handling styles to help you effectively manage conflict. This course will also present you with the knowledge and skills necessary to have successful negotiations including how to avoid common mistakes in negotiation.


Module1: Understanding Conflict


Module 2: Managing Negotiations


Module 3: Introduction to Conflict Management and Negotiation Assessment

Learning outcomes

After completing this course, you will be able to:

- Explain the nature of conflict in your personal life or at work;

- Describe the different types of conflict you may experience at work and in your personal life;

- Identify the possible outcomes of conflicts;

- Define your own communication style;

- Explain different ways to manage conflicts;

- Apply the five stages of negotiation to your work or personal life;

- Devise negotiation strategies for use at work or in your personal life;

- Identify common mistakes that occur in negotiations;

- Recognize when a third-party negotiator is needed to settle a conflict;

- Consider the role of ethics when negotiating with others;

- Review the role of national culture in your negotiations.

Teaching-Learning methodology

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  • Soft skills Conflict management, Negotiation
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  • Level of commitment required 2-3 hours
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