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Interpersonal Communication


This course will show you how to manage the conscious and unconscious codes of meaning we send to each other and to respond with appropriate codes in turn. You’ll explore concepts of verbal and nonverbal expression including personal style, listening, relationship dynamics, self-esteem, conflict management, and cultural and gender communication differences. Examples, graphics, and theoretical models help clarify communication topics and simplify the process for effective communication in family, personal, and professional situations. Communicating is necessary. Knowing how to do it well is personally satisfying and professionally wise.


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Learning outcomes

- Understand that basics of communication and how to avoid misunderstandings

- Learn how language affects reasoning abilities

- Learn about nonverbal communication and how men and women use it differently

- Understand cultural identity and how it molds habits of communication

- Discover the three main characteristics that make up any relationship as well as the stages that all relationships go through

- Learn how to successfully and efficiently resolve conflicts

Teaching-Learning methodology



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  • Soft skills Communication, Conflict management
  • Language English
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  • Providing institution Community College of Rhode Island
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